TEAMology and the Connection Cards


TEAMology provides a holistic, school-wide program for social-emotional learning (SEL). It uses six SEL foundations and relatable characters to provide a common language for staff and students.

Connection Cards provide a fun and easy way to bring families together to talk and connect about important topics. Your family can discover ways to implement our foundations of Helping Others, Positive Change, Anti-Bullying, Problem Solving, Resiliency and Leadership on a daily basis. You will be amazed by what you can learn about one another and the power of positive communication! The TEAMology characters will help create relateability and relevance to seemingly difficult topics. Use this app as a way to create a stronger connection with your family TEAM!

Use these Cards to start meaningful conversations and engage children and young adults in team-building activities related to the concepts of the TEAMology SEL foundations.

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Our Characters

Students are introduced to the six characters, who age with them. Each character represents one of the SEL foundations, as well as a career pathway. Further, they are all connected to a different part of the House.

Career Pathways
The characters help bring the SEL foundations to life, as well as help students see how important these concepts are for their futures.

The House
Students, staff and parents use the SEL foundations to “build” the TEAMology house together. They come to understand that the house is a place of unity and respect, where everyone is accepted and belongs. They need each other to build this TEAM house.

Are You In The House?
This becomes the slogan for the school meaning everyone has to do their part to help make sure the house is a nurturing and happy place to learn.

About the Characters



SEL Foundation: Helping Others

Helping Others is the ability to service others in school, at home, or in the community. It’s important because it helps increase a student’s self concept, behaviors, and connectedness in school and with each other. Helping one another creates an environment where everyone feels safe, secure, and part of a team.

Color: Yellow

Symbol: Heart

Career Pathway: Human Services

House: Wall 1



SEL Foundation: Positive Change

Positive Change is the ability to make changes that help you be a better person, help others be better people, or help the community be a better place. It’s important to know positive change teaches us that it’s okay to make mistakes and helps us learn to grow. Positive change gives students the confidence to make better choices and try again. They become more aware of the control they have in making decisions. Positive Change empowers kids to want to make better choices.

Color: Blue

Symbol: Lightbulb

Career Pathway: Health Services

House: Wall 2



SEL Foundation: Anti-Bullying

Anti-Bullying is a “team up against bullying approach”. Focus on the understanding of how to accept and tolerate others even if kids don’t connect well with someone or even like someone very much. It’s totally normal for kids not to be best of friends with everyone! Are we as adults?! Most likely, no.  It IS important for kids to understand their role as a bystander or anyone who sees bullying happening and they have a responsibility to stop it.

Color: Orange

Symbol: Peace Sign

Career Pathway: Industrial Technology & Engineering

House: Ceiling



SEL Foundation: Resiliency

Resiliency is the ability to bounce back when something tough or hard happens. Resiliency helps students understand they can overcome obstacles or tough times. It gives students the ability to cope with problems, get through difficult times, makes us unique, and gives us hope. To be resilient, we need to be able to take care of ourselves, help take care of others, and understand the importance of having positive influences and people to help take care of us.

Color: Purple

Symbol: Bouncy Ball

Career Pathway: Business & Marketing

House: Window 2



SEL Foundation: Problem Solving & Conflict Resolution

Problem Solving is using positive strategies to solve a problem. Conflict resolution is using positive strategies to solve a problem with one or more people.

Color: Green

Symbol: Puzzle Piece

Career Pathway: Natural Resources

House: Window 1



SEL Foundation: Leadership

Leadership can be explained as the combination of all of the other foundations. By Helping Others, using Positive Change, promoting Anti-Bullying, using good Problem Solving, and showing Resiliency kids are demonstrating leadership. Leadership also stresses that everyone can be a leader in their own way. Each person brings a different and unique strength to the TEAM and they are all important. Not only does a leader set a good example for others but they promote others to be part of the TEAM by encouraging the foundations.

Color: Red

Symbol: Tie and Muscle

Career Pathway: Arts & Communication

House: Door

The House

The House brings together all the characters and foundations of SEL. It demonstrates how all the elements are connected and interdependent.

About the Categories

TEAM Dream

Students use forward-thinking approaches to discuss topics and future goals.


Students work together to solve a problem, task, activity, or riddle.

TEAM Fill-It-In

Students finish the statement or sentence by “filling-in-the-blank”.

TEAM Media

Students relate concepts of the TEAMology foundations to TV, movies, or videos.

TEAM Reads

Students relate the concepts of the TEAMology foundations to books they have read.


Students discuss concepts of the TEAMology foundations in groups.

TEAM Trivia

Students relate the concepts of the TEAMology foundations to what they’ve learned about in other subject areas.

TEAM Tunes

Students relate the concepts of the TEAMology foundations to songs or lyrics they know or come up with group chants.

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